Paper manufacturing

Banknote paper is a complex product. It is the foundation of the banknote as it carries embedded (watermarks, security threads), applied (holographic foil, iridescent stripes) and printed (intaglio, offset, OVI) security features. In addition to the demand for security, banknote paper must also meet durability criteria. It must be resistant to wear and tear to stay in circulation for as long as possible.

We have produced banknote paper for more than 140 countries. We put our long experience and unique know-how in banknote paper production at the disposal of central banks and high security printers. Our two paper mills possess the most advanced technology. Crèvecoeur and VHP paper mills, located respectively in France and in the Netherlands, are complementary to each other and allow us to meet the demanding requirements from the market. Our production capacity is up to 15000 tons per year. We are fully committed to excellence and strive to maintain a high level of quality right from cotton selection through delivery of finished banknote paper to the customers’ premises.

Crevecoeur, an ancestral savoir-faire

Arjowiggins Security has a long tradition of paper manufacturing. Crèvecoeur paper mill, formerly called The Old Moulin du Marais, has been producing paper since 1580 cumulating over 400 years’ experience of papermaking. Banknote paper production started in 1791 (“the assignat”). Since then, regular investments have been made in the most up-to-date equipment to adapt to the fast-changing technologies in banknotes.

VHP, a long-term expertise

VHP enjoys a rich tradition in the manufacture of high quality paper. Its expertise as a paper producer goes back to 1644, year of its foundation. It produced banknote paper for the first time in 1890 and has acquired since then unique and specific expertise in paper production for banknotes. Today VHP mill is equipped with the most state-of-the-art machinery for banknote paper making.

Modern and comprehensive equipment dedicated to banknote paper

Our paper mills are equipped with cylinder mould paper machines that deliver high quality watermarks, long durability papers and integrate the most advanced security threads like Picture and Wink threads. We possess the equipment for applying security features such as holographic foil (standard and at register) and iridescent stripes. We guarantee flexibility to meet all types of our customers’ requirements.

A highly-skilled and customer-oriented team

A committed team of experts including engineers, technicians and designers works to offer tailor-made solutions that will respond to the most stringent customers’ needs. We design multi-tonal, electrotype, Pixel and even high definition Vision watermarks customised  according to the client’s requests. We create threads that fit in with the banknote design and we have the knowledge to integrate high quality foils in the product.

High level of quality standards

We give great importance to quality and take it very seriously.  Our ambition is to ensure strict security and quality from the client’s initial request to order delivery. Rigorous and continuous control at all stages of the manufacturing process is carried out to ensure that the customer’s final product complies with his exact requirements.  Our paper mills have ISO 9001:2008, ISO 21500:2012 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations.