Holographic stripe

Holographic stripes are applied by continuous hot foiling on the surface of the paper. The holograms present on the stripe are optically variable devices that can be identified when the banknote is tilted. Their visual effect changes depending on the angle of view. Holographic stripes are made up of eye-catching effects but they can also incorporate second and third level security features. They offer unique optical security effects, entirely customisable. Because of their high visibility, holographic stripes are well-accepted by the public.

Enhanced security

Holograms feature striking visual effects that are simple to identify by the public. By engaging the maximum of people in banknote authentication, security is increased.  The optical effects provided by holograms cannot be reproduced by scanning or photocopying.

Registered stripe

Arjowiggins Security can apply holographic stripes in register. The information on registered foil stripes is better identified and authenticated by the public as they are located at the same place in each banknote. Moreover, information can be richer on registered stripes.


The holographic stripe can be applied onto a transparent or fluorescent primer. The primer increases the brilliance and the security level. Its pattern can be customised when associated with fluorescence. The primer is very resistant to circulation.