Arjowiggins Security
is a recognised expert in the banknote industry

We are a producer and supplier of state-of-the-art banknote paper. We have been designing and manufacturing banknote paper since 1791, date of the creation of the first French “assignat”. Through the expertise of a dedicated research center, and the know-how of our papermakers, we provide our customers with an innovative portfolio of products.

Our offer ranges from high-added value papers to cutting-edge security threads. Trusted partner for many years of Central Banks and Commercial Security Printers our objective is to help them create value thanks to the banknote paper and the services that we provide them with.

our mission

At Arjowiggins Security, we understand that one of the Central banks’ main tasks is to maintain public confidence in the country’s currency. We strive to offer tailor-made papers to Central banks and high security printers with the highest standards of security, quality and durability. Our mission is to enable our customers to address the ever-changing challenges in the banknote market. Our strategy of constant innovation allows us to be at the forefront in the fight against counterfeiting.

our heritage

We benefit from over 400 years of know-how in papermaking and we seek to preserve this heritage while looking to the future. The Old Moulin du Marais, now known as Crèvecoeur, started producing fiduciary paper in 1791 with the “assignat”, the first French Franc, and has been modernized continuously to reach the highest standards of production, security, safety and environment.


Security is of capital importance for us. We guarantee strict security control at each stage of production from design to delivery: surveillance equipment, security cameras, day and night watch, secured warehouse with guards, access control, product traceability and an exclusive transport dispatch system.


Our rule is clear: safety first is an absolute priority for everyone at all times. The paper business gives rise to specific risks that can cause serious personal injury. We devote considerable effort to the prevention of accidents and ensuring safe working practices. We have OHSAS 18001 accreditation (Occupational Health and Safety Management).


Arjowiggins Security is very conscious of its responsibility towards the environment. Our papers are compliant with the REACh legislation concerning use of chemicals in the workplace (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). We have ISO 14001 certification (reduction and control of potential harmful effects of the production on the environment).

security documents

Arjowiggins Security is also specialised in the production of security paper for security documents applications such as passports, driving licences, etc… The close collaboration we maintain with immigration services and other document-issuing authorities of numerous countries has allowed us to develop security features that respond perfectly to counterfeiting and forgery problems.