Many serious scientific reports show that banknotes can be contaminated with microbes. Everyday, billions of banknotes change hands creating a risk of transmitting pathogenic microbes. Consumers, retailers and professional cash handlers are concerned by this transmitting. We have chosen to prevent that risk. Our R&D team has worked in cooperation with Arjowiggins Healthcare, specialist in medical papers, to develop a treatment preventing banknotes from becoming a support for the multiplication of microbes. Bioguard is actually the only product existing in the industry which offers antimicrobial protection of a banknote. We are proud to be a pioneer in paper treatment against “invisible soiling”.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus Aureus are the commonly found bacteria on banknotes. They can survive in any environment and can easily be transmitted. The results show that Bioguard treatment reduces their presence on banknote paper dramatically. Thanks to Bioguard treatment, the general public, and employees in daily contact with cash, are less at risk from contamination by handling it. Bioguard treatment also prevents development of mould on banknotes when stored in hot and humid conditions.

Smooth and easy integration

Bioguard treatment is applied on line during paper manufacturing.  Bioguard does not modify the paper’s physical properties and specifications. Its action remains active throughout the lifetime of the note. It resists difficult circulation conditions and accidental washing. Bioguard is compatible with all security features.