Soiling is the major cause for withdrawing banknotes from circulation. It is mainly of human origin (sweat, sebum, grease…) but comes also from the external environment (dirt, dust…). Currency notes get dirty and show signs of physical degradation: tears, holes, limpness, print abrasion. This can be detrimental to the image of a country. Diamone is a long-lasting treatment developed to provide the paper with a dirt barrier and better resistance to staining. Diamone improves ink adhesion and allows better printability. Papers treated with Diamone are post-print varnish compatible.

Anti-soiling properties

When a note is soiled, watermarks and other visible features become less visible, compromising the security. Diamone coating has been developed to resist the soiling that occurs during circulation. It is resistant to various climatic conditions.

High print quality

A faded note or bad quality printing has an impact on the security. Printed features must also last for easy authentication. Our ink wear test method shows that Diamone provides a significant improvement of the intaglio printing quality. The contrast and the relief are much better as well as the definition.

+70% longevity index

We have simulated the effects of ageing during circulation. The combination of 3 tests was used to assess lifetime: soiling resistance, ink wear resistance and laundry resistance.  According to our tests, Diamone improves lifetime by 70%.