Diamone™ Composite

After soiling, tears and folding are the second cause of unfit notes. Diamone Composite is a cotton paper with anti-soiling coating and synthetic fibres. The Diamone coating paper improves the soiling resistance and brings excellent printing quality. The blend of synthetic fibres and cotton fibres improves the mechanical resistance of the paper to tearing and double folds. It is compatible with post-print varnish. Diamone Composite is specially recommended for denominations subject to heavy handling.

Reinforced fibrous structure

Synthetic fibres are incorporated in the mass of the paper. They are longer and intrinsically stronger than cotton fibres and reinforce the paper structure.  Tear strength is improved by 30% compared to standard banknote paper and folding endurance is increased by 70%.

Anti-soiling properties

Diamone Composite uses Diamone treatment to repel dirt and moisture. It offers the proven anti-soiling properties of Diamone.

Increased banknote lifespan

The anti-soiling treatment combined with improved mechanical strength extends significantly banknote lifetime. Diamone Composite lasts twice as long as conventional cotton paper.