Diamone™ Xtra

Diamone Xtra is a substrate made of 100% cotton paper with a multi-layer protection that confers a very high level of durability. It offers both the advantages of classic cotton paper, very familiar to the public, and a dramatic improvement in banknote lifetime comparable to polymer and laminated substrates. Diamone Xtra is a truly cost-effective solution.

Multi-layer protection

The protection is given by a double coating that provides extremely high anti-soiling properties and improves printability and ink adhesion. The intaglio relief is excellent.

100% cotton paper

The look and the touch of the banknote remain the same as traditional cotton paper. Diamone Xtra does not alter the appearance of classic security features such as watermarks and security threads. The printing and the unique sound of the note are unchanged. Due to this imperceptible change, public acceptance is very good. Government issuers can implement it easily.

Durability index x 3

Diamone Xtra has an excellent durability index. Its resistance to soiling (dry and wet) reaches similar levels as laminated and polymer substrates. It is particularly resistant to grease. Ink adhesion is excellent after crumpling.  Diamone Xtra extends banknote lifetime up to 3 times compared to standard banknote paper. This result makes Diamone Xtra very competitive compared to polymer substrates.