Iridescent band

Iridescent inks are applied as a stripe on the paper surface. Thanks to the pearlescent effect, the iridescent band changes colour depending on the angle of vision. This unique optical effect cannot be photocopied. The iridescent stripe has proven its strong resistance to ageing and harsh circulation conditions. Iridescent pigments are safe for human beings and environmentally friendly. It is compatible with all printing processes.

A reliable and robust feature

The iridescent stripe benefits from excellent adhesion to the paper. For this reason, it is particularly resistant to difficult circulation conditions. It is a reliable security feature, selected by many countries to protect their currency. It is currently used in the Euro series.

Large range of design options

The iridescent band can be applied as a simple stripe or with customised patterns (negative and positive). Iridescent inks are available in many colours: gold, copper, green, blue and purple. UV fluorescence can also be added bringing a new level of security.