Security thread

Security threads are widely used in banknote papers to deter counterfeiting. Incorporated at the beginning of the paper production process, they are inserted in the pulp during sheet formation. They can be either fully embedded in the paper substrate or “windowed”, appearing and disappearing at regular intervals at the surface of the paper. In transmitted light, security threads appear as a continuous line. Effects carried by security threads have considerably evolved: from simple printing to eye-catching moving effects that are easier to identify. Security threads are one of the most reliable features to secure a paper note.

picture thread™

While most of the threads can be personalised with text and simple images, the Picture thread enables detailed images such as portraits to be represented in a security thread. The patterns featured in the

Picture thread are formed by fine dots. This array of dots creates tonal variation offering a three-dimensional effect. The reproduction of this level of detail is very difficult and complex.

Intuitive authentication

The possibility to have portraits in security threads or other familiar national symbols makes banknote protection more efficient. Portraits are more recognisable to the human eye and simplify the authentication.

Numerous design possibilities

The Picture thread allows more design options than current security threads customisable exclusively with text and simple graphics. Symbols of a country such as portraits, fauna and flora, landmarks can now be featured in a security thread to enhance the nation’s identity.

Harmonisation of overall banknote design

The Picture thread can feature the printed image or the watermark design of the note. The repetition of an image makes the overall design of the banknote more consistent and harmonised.  This redundancy of information facilitates banknote authentication and engages the public in the battle against counterfeiting.

wink™ thread

The Wink thread is our latest generation of movement threads. It is made up of two parallel stripes, each stripe being customisable as desired with colour and text or graphics.

With a slight tilt, the information on one stripe is revealed while the information of the other stripe is hidden by a silver layer. The Wink thread is easily recognisable and authenticated.

rapid and intuitive verification

A simple tilt is all that’s needed to authenticate a banknote. The silver layer appears to jump from one side of the thread to the other, giving movement and a dynamic effect to the thread. The Wink effect is intuitive and easy to identify and memorise.

Sophisticated technology for maximum security

The striking Wink effect is generated by the use of oriented silver micro flakes engineered through a complex manufacturing process. The source of supply is protected. It is impossible to reproduce the micro flakes.

Wide range of design possibilities

Each stripe can be customised with a coloured background, text, graphics and fluorescence. A large choice of colours is available. The Wink thread integrates harmoniously in any kind of banknote design.